We carry a huge range of handbags Round bags are our popular look styles
Suitable for all women and girls!

Our use of vegetable tanned leather allows us to produce products suitable for your everyday use. The leather is softer in structure by artificial buffing. We believe you don't have to buy a new wallet every few years. We believe in classic design and durable goods. We know you too!

Every design and product is created in our studio. We're here to sketch ideas, make templates, cut, sew and sand.

We insist on original handmade, (so there is a reason why some products need to be customized.) If you sew two pieces of fabric together and the sewing is not correct, you can remove the thread to reset the stitching and fix it. Once you make holes in a piece of leather, they are permanent. It's a bit like the difference between writing with a pencil and a pen. That's part of why every product we make is so precious.

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"Create your own visual style...make it unique to yourself, but recognizable to others" - this is the first step in saying goodbye to being different.