Handmade red vintage minimalist zip leather phone clutch long wallet for women


This is Handmade vintage red?minimalist leather phone zip clutch long wallet for women.The bag is hand dyed.There are 3?full bill slots/holders,8 card holders, 1 zip slot?inside.

Makes a great gift?for teachers, Valentines day, birthday, mother's day, sisters, friends and anyone who loves handcrafted art!

Each wallet will have very slight variances to the pictured wallet, and the consequence is that you can assure that each one is unique.



color:?red style:vintage,retro,modern
fold:bifold Weight£º0.3kg


3?full bill ?holders,8 card holders

1 zip?holder

Material: ?leather

Only the Wallet

Item¡®s Images£º




The actual color of the item may be slightly different from the picture which is only a representation of the item¡¯s style. The monitor used can significantly darken or change the displayed picture of the item, and there may also be some slight differences due to hand-dying process.


Features about Natural Vegetable-Tanned leather:

The Vegetable Tanned Leather has strong textures,so when you use it for the first time ,it will be hard hand-feeling. With use, the leather will become flexible, and the effect will be better and better.Some buyers can not get used to the textures at the beginning,and two weeks later, they will feel wonderful.
As the use of Vegetable Tanned Leather, color will become darker, finally become beautiful dark brown.Dyed Vegetable Tanned Leather will not change color.And the color is more stable, so they are relatively easy to take care of.You can choose on your own terms.
Skin traces:
Due to the characteristics of natural cowhide, natural growth pattern, mark is inevitable,they are very normal traces of cowhide.So,expect that the leather is absolutely clean like a blank sheet of paper is unrealistic.We will try our best to avoid skin scars and injuries during the selection, however still can't avoid the small marks.These are the natural cowhide style.
Back Material:
On the back of the leather is meat surface, there will be a handful of stubble, and it is normal phenomenon.Of course, most of products are flat on the back.
Leather care:
1.You can use it without special care.
2.If you want to do something,recommend you to use Columbus mink oil from Japan.It is colorless and odorless,and have clean and prevent dirty effect.
3.Oil nursing can prolong the service life of the leather.We suggest you to clean it once a month with the mink oil.
4.If you want the leather's color changes faster,you can make leather meet the sunshine for a longer time, but not to exposure it direct in the sun.
5.Do not contact liquid.Do not wash leather with water.Do not use wax cleaning liquid.

Item¡®s FAQs£º

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